Chemically Enhanced Gas Oil Recovery Technology in Colombia

Chemically Enhanced Gas Oil Recovery Technology in Colombia

National Plan for the enhancement of CEOR technology with chemically enhanced gas

National Plan for the enhancement of CEOR technology with chemically enhanced gas was a research program where Equión Energía LTD and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia proposed to potentiate a technology “made in Colombia”, and tested in Llanos fields to be extended in the Colombian territory. The technology is based on the improvement of the chemical properties of the injection gas to promote processes at micro and macro scale in the target reservoirs. The process consists of dispersing chemicals with a priori designed properties in the injection gas stream to achieve one or more specific purposes. The enhancement of the technique is based on two major aspects:

1.Use of nanofluids specifically designed for each system to reduce risks (inhibition of asphaltene precipitation, inorganic scales, etc.)

2. Promote recovery mechanisms (eg alteration of wettability, reduction of viscosity in heavy oil fields, etc.)

Extend the application to fields with little or no availability of nearby production gas sources by generating non-hydrocarbon gases such as CO2, N2 or N2-CO2 mixtures (flue gas) to through the treatment of combustion gases from complementary processes (thermoelectric plants, cement plants, steel plants, etc.) in the frame of carbon capture and geological storage in mature and depleted oil and reservoirs.



Synthesis – optimization of nanofluids for chemical gas recovery


Experimental development at the pore and core scales



Development of phenomenological-based multiscale models for field evaluation



Scaling and methodological development for its application in the field, which includes the selection of candidate fields, evaluation of economic and socio-environmental impacts, design of field pilots and upstream & downstream flow assurance.


I was co-author and leader of the research proposal and scientific project manager for the first 6 months. I also worked in the reservoir simulation team, where I contributed to implementing a compositional model to evaluate the fluid-fluid and rock-fluid interactions of the enhanced gas injection.

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