Throughout my scientific career, I have explored different fields from the modeling perspective. During this journey, I have worked with process-based models to understand the fluid dynamics in porous materials (soil, oil and gas reservoirs, and aquifers), atmosphere-land interactions, and global hydro-economic assessment models to understand climate change impacts and evaluate adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Research topics

Fluid flow through porous media widely exists in nature and artificial materials, and its theory has been used in all sorts of scientific and technological fields, such as soil mechanics, petroleum engineering, mineral engineering, environmental engineering, geothermal engineering, water supply engineering, and hydrogeology.

Hydrological modeling is used to answer environmental transport questions where water excess, scarcity, or dissolved or solid content is of primary importance and it can be defined as the characterization of real hydrologic features and system by the use of small-scale physical models, mathematical analogues, and computer simulations.

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting our lives. Climate impacts research is typically interdisciplinary and frequently involves the construction of climate impact models. Some key research themes include: ecology, water resources, agriculture, human heath, the economy and built infrastructure.

These three sectors (water, energy and food) are necessary for the benefit of human well-being, poverty reduction and sustainable development. The nexus approach aims to highlight potential synergies and identify critical conflicts to be dealt with

Featured Projects

Adaptation strategies for sustainable ecosystem services

Ph.D. project for assessing the adaptation climate change strategies in the Czech Republic.

Chemically Enhanced Gas Oil Recovery Technology in Colombia

Co-author of the project proposal for 1 million USD and inclusion of CCS in oil fields in Colombia.

Use of nanotechnology for the EOR technique of water alternated with gas

Researcher from the Young Researchers Program of the Ministry of Science of Colombia.

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I enjoy working and collaborating with scientists, students, and organizations that share my research interests and values. Do no hesitate to contact me if I can support your projects and ideas.